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5 Simple Ways To Protect Yourself From Cyber Crime

by builtinsurance 23 January , 2019

Ensuring Protection Against Cyber Attacks

Recent mass cyber attacks at reputable companies such as Sony, Home Depot, and Target stress the importance of each individual and business partaking in preventative action against these crimes that are quickly gaining popularity. Rather than waiting until it is time to recover from one of these crimes, allow these 5 helpful tips to influence your daily habits and prevent cyber attacks:

  1. We all get so tied up with the daily demands of life that we often fail to give credit card and bank monitoring much attention. Dedicating at least one day each week to monitoring your statements can help you detect a breach in immediate time. You can also sign up for real-time alerts with your bank and credit card companies so that you are informed immediately whenever unusual spending occurs.
  2. While you may be convinced that your clever password with your dog’s name and your address is tricking hackers, cyber criminals are experienced and knowledgeable of the common password combinations and can easily decode your wittiness by scanning through your social media pages. A safe rule of thumb is to create random passwords using symbols, numbers, and random phrases, and do not use any information that can be found on your social media platforms. Most importantly, keep changing your passwords routinely.
  3. When shopping online, make sure to only shop from trusted sites. This means checking the URL bar to make sure that the website begins with ‘https://’ because websites without the ‘s’ in the URL are not secure.
  4. Many websites and online services allow you to enable two-step verification, which will send an authorization code to your personal phone whenever an account is accessed from an unknown computer, phone, or other device. You will immediately receive an authorization code in the event that someone tries typing in your login credentials from an unknown source.
  5. If you run a business, the extra expense of a cyber liability insurance policy is well worth the protection from a cyber threat that can leave your organization in complete ruin and unable to recover. These policies can help you implement the right risk management and preventative measures necessary to prevent attacks and recover if they occur regardless of your defensive action.

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