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6 Tips to Avoid Fraudulent Workers Compensation Claims

by builtinsurance 23 September , 2019

A lot of employers understand the benefit of Workers Compensation Insurance in CA.  This will save them of extra expenses during an injury since insurance companies are the sole entities who are required to step in if such event occurs. Your workers comp insurance company will handle all the medical bills together with the fraction of the lost salary due to the accident.  But even with the importance it presents, workers comp brokers in CA is still vulnerable to some attack including fraud.


Here are some tips for employees to minimize fraudulent claims:


Formulate (or Re-Formulate) Your Policy

By creating a concise policy about the Workers Compensation insurance in CA, the employees will have a clear view about the benefits of this service and also their obligations.  You can include in your policy the actions that your company is willing to take in case there is a hint of a fraudulent claim activity.


Don’t Wait – Immediately Report Incidents After They Happen

Employees should not be afraid to report accidents.  They should not also face sanctions and consequences because it is an accident and no one wants that to happen.  Encourage them to report it immediately.  This gives your employees the idea that you value their safety, and leaves a footprint of factual.  Treating any type of injuries immediately can minimize the cost.


Execute Proper Investigation

See to it that the CA workers compensation claim is valid and accurate.  Investigating the cause and other information related to the injury can grant you different benefits.  It may lead you to some possible solution to prevent similar injuries to happen again in the future.  It will also help you to reduce fraudulent claims.  Ask for the people present during the accident and, as hard as this sounds, try to identify any loopholes or misunderstandings of the incident.


Communicate with the Injured Worker

Unless your company undergoes legal proceedings, creating an open communication with the injured worker can determine his current state.  You can also determine how long will it take for him to get back on the job.  See to it that you will have a regular schedule to reach the worker.  This can also verify if the claim on workers comp brokers in CA is valid.


Gather Information from Other Employees

It is only natural for an employer to find evidence about a fraudulent claim on workers comp brokers in CA.  One great source would be the stories circulating around the company.  As an employer, you should be aware of the things happening with your people.  You should develop a professional relationship with them.  If an employee is telling a story about a fraud claim, then make sure to take it seriously and perform the necessary procedure to verify the story.



While it is not necessary to have a surveillance camera on your site, it is still recommended to install it since it will not only give you the details if an injury occur, it will also allow you to monitor your people if they are doing their job.  Your workers will be pressured to work at their full potential since they know that someone is observing them.


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