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Cheap Insurance - Can Independent Contractors Get Workers Compensation in California?

Worker’s Compensation is a form of insurance, where the employees or workers are provided with salary replacement or medical benefits if and when they are injured underemployment. Now, coming to the top question, can independent contractors get workers compensation insurance in California, well the answer is short and simple, no they can’t get workers compensation . An independent contractor is a person who has an independent business and is ready to provide work himself whenever needed. Though usually, people can’t just become independent contractors as and when they want. If an individual, just works for one business and is dedicated to that business then there are chances that he is an employee of an employer. So differentiating an independent contractor from an employee is necessary. When looked thoroughly it is found that the major difference between the two is that the independent contractor gets to choose his own working hours, his own tools, work when and for whom he wants and are solely responsible for paying their State and Federal dues, but for an employee, all these conditions are not valid. Independent Contractors does not need any kind of worker’s compensation in California, and the clients don’t require to buy any kind of insurance for them. But, other than the worker’s compensation insurance, there are other different types of insurance, that an independent contractor is subjected to. Though, other than worker’s compensation, the independent contractor can obtain cheap contractors insurance California, which covers only bodily injury . There are many other cheap insurances available for the independent contractors. Actually, when looked into the matter, it is found that the type of insurance varies with the type of work the independent contractor performs. For example , if a contractor provides consulting and advice, then he/she needs to be concerned about liability’s risk. Next, for a contractor who works with tools and heavy machines, he needs to have some bodily injury and property damage related insurance. Contractors who deal with serving food and liquors in events needs to have insurance related to that and so on. General liability roofing is a type of insurance for the independent contractors that can protect and person from mishaps, lawsuits, third party property damage and things like that. General liability roofing provides protection or coverage for the following two conditions : Bodily injury – It provides coverage to the independent contractor if due to work situation some injury or death is caused. It usually provides the medical bearings for the injured person, and also shields the contractor against the legal defense on property damage. Property damage – It provides coverage if somehow or the other some damage is caused to the property of the client or others while the working process. It includes both the property, you are working on as well as for any third party property. Others include – Completed Product related – In provides coverage, in case the finished product is not according to the client, or there is any issue with it. Contract liability – This is not always included in the general liability insurance, but this deals with the contract issues that one may have with the client. So finally, we can say that, though the independent contractors in California cannot get worker’s compensation insurance, they have other cheap insurances and general liability roofings available for them.
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