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Why and How To Get it Right With Commercial Roofing Contractor Insurance in California

The construction front in California has changed a lot in the last two years, not just in the technological aspects and design, but also in the area of legal infrastructure required by roofing contractors to operate smoothly. One such aspect which has largely remained a grey area is the requirement of a General Liability Insurance for roofing contractors in the state. If you ask around about commercial roofing contractor insurance California, you are likely to be met with answers that will leave you even more confused than when you set out to seek clarification. So let’s make ourselves clear. The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) says that it is not a legal requirement to have this insurance policy for you to operate as a roofing contractor in California. Easy! You can just walk up to a client and bid for work then sit back and wait for engagement. No rules broken. You even have the advantage that you can give quotes that are much lower than those by insured companies since you already have one overhead cost off your list. But the same board 'encourages contractors to have this insurance’ to cover any incidences that may occur in the course of work. Also, there are numerous articles online showering clients with the dangers of engaging an uninsured roofing contractor and sensationally advising them against the same. And, by law, you will be required to reveal to your potential client whether or not you are insured. So, as it stands, it is not as easy as it first looks; you might not be getting that contract after all. If you are lucky that the building owner does not ask you to show your insurance plan, there still stands the hurdle of other parties to the project- buyers, local authorities e.t.c. Plainly put, General Liability Insurance is not 'just necessary’ for a commercial roofing contractor in California; it is very important. Forget any seeming loopholes in the law, this could be the difference between getting and missing out on that lucrative roofing deal. You need one! Here’s why: It places you in a better position to win bids With all the advice going around about the need to have your contractor insured, clients will definitely be cautious. Getting the policy gives you extra points. You pass over the cost in case of injury In construction, the higher you go the riskier it becomes. Roofing accidents pose the greatest risk of crippling you in compensation and damages; the premiums paid are surely worth transferring the risk to someone else. It makes it easier to get other certifications While the licensing board does not have it as a legal requirement, you can be sure they will be looking at your insurance plan in any assessment they meant. Having one gets you in their good books; an indirect benefit there! Attracting employees becomes easier Quality, competent employees will want to work for you when they have assurance that they are covered. This translates to your company becoming more reputable. That said, you need not fret. It is an easy enough step to accomplish. But you need to do it right. Here are the top three factors to keep in mind: The right Insurer You need to engage a broker who actually handles construction work insurance. While any insurer is perfectly legal, only brokers like us who handle such on a daily basis can expertly advise you within touch of the highly dynamic needs of the industry. Payment plan for insurance premiums Choose a broker who not only gives you a friendly rate, but also a payment plan that does not leave you exhausted even before you get to the ground. Specific damages covered Don’t be fooled by the term 'general.’ A good policy covers physical injuries to people (Staff, clients and otherwise) who would be present on site, personal injuries to your name or that of your business that may occur within the course of the contract, liability and guarantees and injuries that may arise from claims by competitors. One very important aspect of staying in the game of Californian construction business is to stay abreast of developments in the highly dynamic environment. A commercial roofing contractor insurance is the edge you need in the latest development; make sure you get it right.
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