Contractors Insurance California

Contractors Insurance California

Regardless of how attentive and conscious of your environment you are, accidents can happen anytime. As a contractor, you can face a whole lot of risks each and every day. Therefore, planning for the unexpected is the optimal solution. One way you can help protect yourself is through a quality contractors insurance plan. Among other things, such a plan can help protect your assets, if for any reason you’re sued for property damage or personal injury. When you have a yearly premium, a general insurance policy can cover the expense of damages incurred and also the compensation fees along with the attorney charges. For many years now, Built Insurance Brokerage has been a leading provider of contractors insurance in California. We provide insurance for many different types of contractors, including general contractors, electrical contractors, flooring contractors, fencing contractors, roofing contractors and solar contractors.

Contractors insurance is an important asset for any business to be protected from potential litigation when an employee is injured. Workers compensation insures your employees with wage replacement, vocational rehabilitation and medical benefits related to a work-related injury or illness. Accidents and illness are unexpected and, at times, unavoidable. At Built Insurance Brokerage, we believe that it is our duty to help protect our clients from all potential claims for work-related injuries or occupational illnesses. We will help you address the areas of training that need work, as well as assist you with protection programs and safety manuals. We will find you appropriate coverage for all your California contractors insurance needs, and will do so at some very affordable rates.

Contractors Liability Insurance California

The knowledgeable and experienced insurance agents at Built Insurance have handled a multitude of general liability claims for contractors. We keep up with the latest information on the insurance industry, and work hard to provide the best policies at the best rates possible. One of the reasons why so many contractors choose our brokerage for their liability insurance needs is that we help them to achieve a clear-yet-comprehensive understanding of the terms for these policies. We want to be certain that our clients are fully aware of what particular policies do and do not cover to avoid any confusion and problems down the line. At the same time, based on clients’ particular needs, we will help set up policies that are comprehensive and offer robust coverage.

At Built Insurance, all of the liability insurance policies that we offer in California are designed to work well within your budget. Insurance rates can fluctuate depending on the size of the company, how many contractors will be insured, and multiple other factors. Depending on your particular circumstances, we will furnish you with a policy that offers great coverage while still being affordable.

Insurance, whether workers compensation or general liability, is absolutely vital for contractors in California. Not only do these insurance policies protect contractors, they also provide peace of mind to contractors’ potential clients. At Built Insurance, we are confident that we can help you and your business get the insurance coverage that you need. Call our office today at (805) 413-4331 for a consultation with one of our insurance specialists so that we can get started on putting together a quote for you.

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