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Carpentry (<$29/hr)

Carpentry (>=$29/hr)

Cabinet or Fixtures

Concrete or Cement Works - sidewalks (<$24/hr)

Concrete or Cement Works - sidewalks (>=$24/hr)

Wallboard Application (<$31/hr)

Wallboard Application (>=$31/hr)

Electrical Wiring (<$30/hr)

Electrical Wiring (>=$30/hr)

Fence Construction

Hardwood Floor Laying

Glaziers (<$29)

Glaziers (>=$29)

Ceiling Installation

Landscape Gardening


Burglar Alarm Installation, Sevrice or Repair

Masonry (<$27/hr)

Masonry (>=$27/hr)

Painting, Decorating or Paper Hanging (<$24/hr)

Painting, Decorating or Paper Hanging (>=$24/hr)

Plumbing (<$26/hr)

Plumbing (>=$26/hr)

Sheet Metal Work (<$27/hr)

Sheet Metal Work (>=$27/hr)

Tile; Stone, Mosaic or Terrazzo Work

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