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Insurance For Roofers in California

If you are a roofer then you definitely know the risk that you face each day. One fall from the ladder or the roof can result to very serious injuries that can prevent you from doing your job for months and in some cases permanently. In addition to that, there is also risk of equipment damage, property damage, injuries to your employer or employee or any other person who is near the site. Roofer insurance is vital for your liability protection, your employee protection as the well being of your business. A report that was released recently revealed that approximately 50 roofers die each year in United States because of falls. This has made roofing to be ranked as 5th in recording work related death among construction workers. What to look for in insurance for roofers California Due to the risk that roofing poses, many roofing contractors usually opt to take an insurance cover but most of them usually regret later when they discover that the insurance cover that they took did not cover what they wanted. If you are a roofing contractor in California and you are considering to take an insurance cover, there are very crucial things that you should consider before you commit yourself. They include: 1. General liability This is a very important factor that you should consider when taking an insurance cover. General liability include things like body injury, personal injury, medical payment as well as independent contractor liability. General liability that the insurance covers should with meet your individual roofing needs. 2. Compensation Almost all insurance companies in California will promise to compensate you in case of an accident or injury that will arise. However, the details of how your will be compensated usually differs. Before you sign agreement, you need to ensure that the compensation is in line with your interests. 3. Depth of coverage Besides general liability and compensation, it is also very important to look at other finer details of the insurance cover. Your needs are unique and the combination of coverage that makes up you roofing contractor insurance should actually blend with your individual needs. General contractor requirements Just like any other insurance, roofers in California must meet certain requirement when applying for roofing insurance. Some of those requirements include: 1. License All credible insurance companies in California will demand that you first present them with your operating license that is up to date. Having a license will indicate that you have complied with all laws and regulations that governs roofing industry. As a result, the risk of getting an injury or accident will be less. 2. Safety measures implemented This is also a very important factor that most insurance companies consider before issuing insurance cover. Insurance companies usually prefer insuring contractors who have put solid safety measures to prevent accident or injuries. If not then you your business will be termed as high risk, a factor that will make you pay higher premiums. 3. Experience Although this is not a major determining factor, most insurance company usually prefer insuring roofing companies that have been in this industry for long and are well experienced. This is because experienced companies have better safety measures and know how to safely do their job. However, that does not mean that new contractors should shy away from getting an insurance cover.
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