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Job Safety & Roofers Insurance

Job Safety & Roofers’ Insurance Basics

by builtinsurance 23 August , 2019

Improving Safety For Your Workers & Your Business

One look at a roofer’s workstation, and you will quickly understand why this is considered one of the more dangerous lines of work. Not only do roofers spend their days at least 20 feet off the ground, they also have to work with heavy power tools on precipitous ledges and are exposed to the elements all day long.

Fortunately, state workers’ compensation laws and OSHA regulations are put in place to create safeguards for roofers. Unfortunately, all too many roofers have been found not using proper safety procedures.

Even if your roofing business is made up of just you, it is very important that you put safety procedures in place and carry the right workers’ compensation insurance coverage to protect yourself, your liability, and your work.

Some of the most common ways to reduce workplace accidents in the roofing industry are installing guardrails, training your employees how to stage their equipment so it never presents a tripping hazard, and having lifelines and rope grabs set up on the jobsite.

If someone does get injured, your workers’ compensation can step in to help them get well again – provided you have it!

Are you in compliance with your local workers’ compensation insurance laws? To talk to contractors insurance experts who can help you get the policies you need, contact Built Insurance Brokerage today. From general liability insurance to workers’ comp to all of your other construction insurance needs, we know how to protect roofers. To safeguard yourself and your business, call us today!

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