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roofing insurance caRoofing Insurance CA

When you choose the roofing profession, you know the risks that you are faced with on a daily basis. One misstep can lead to a wide range of issues that could comprise your ability to continue working and earning an income. There are also increased risks for property damage, equipment damage, and injury to your employees, subcontractors, and others in close proximities. Due to the increased liability risks of your profession, you must seek adequate insurance protection to ensure no peril will bring your business down.

As a roofer, you should consider the following insurance policies for optimal protection:

  • Business Owners Policy – This is one of the most optimized policies for small business owners, including roofers, as it acts as a bundled package of the most important coverages you will likely need.
  • General Liability – The litigious nature of our society means you must safeguard your investment from bodily injury to non-employees and third party property damage.
  • Professional Liability – If you ever consult with your clients and recommend treatments or products for their roofs, it is important that you hold professional liability insurance. This will ensure that you are protected if a customer chooses to make a legal claim against your recommendations or advice.
  • Commercial Auto – Even if you have a small roofing operation you have at least one vehicle running your business. Commercial auto insurance can help you protect your car, truck, specialized truck, or any other vehicles necessary to your business operations.
  • Workers Compensation – As a roofer in California, you are required to purchase workers compensation. This is to protect both you and your employees in the event of a work-related accident that results in illness or injury. You will also receive legal protection with this coverage.
  • Product Liability Insurance – If you sell any products or treatments for roofing needs, you will want to protect yourself with the proper liability insurance policy.


Due to the unique and dangerous nature of your business, you must obtain the protection necessary for your roofing company to thrive. Protect your roofing business today by contacting Built Insurance! Contact Built Insurance Brokerage for roofing insurance in California. Our roofer insurance specialists will help you obtain the coverage you deserve. You will soon be able to understand why Built Insurance Brokerage leads the industry with the best available options for roofing insurance in California. We will help you seek a policy that is specifically designed to meet your unique needs as a roofer.

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