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Are You Guilty Of Workers’ Compensation Safety Violations?

by builtinsurance 22 July , 2019

Why Safety Matters On The Jobsite

You may think your workers’ compensation safety violations are just a small negligence, but they can lead to very serious issues – even a jobsite fatality. To encourage you to review your safety procedures and ensure your jobsites are in compliance with OSHA regulation, here is a look at the steps after a workplace accident.

  1. OSHA Steps In: If the name OSHA does not make you sweat a little, that is good! You are probably very careful about workplace safety. For those that have let their safety standards get a little lax, OSHA visiting your jobsite is likely the last thing you want. Know that after an accident, OSHA will investigate the cause and check up on all of your safety procedures.
  2. OSHA Levies Penalties: If your business is found to be at fault for a regulation violation, expect a fine. Even an other-than-serious violation can cost you up to $7,000, and willful violations can cost you up to $500,000!
  3. Workers’ Comp Pays Out: The good news for your employees is that even if your business is financially stunted by the OSHA fines it faces, your workers’ compensation insurance can still step in to cover medical expenses, lost wages and disability benefits.

Clearly, it is both cheaper and easier to put in the effort now to stay in OSHA compliance and protect your staff. Even with all of your efforts, though, accidents do happen. To ensure no workplace injury ends up costing your business despite your careful safety review, contact Built Insurance Brokerage. With years of experience offering construction insurance, we can help get you set up with the right workers’ compensation. Serving roofers, contractors, and the rest of the construction industry, we are ready to protect you!

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