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Checking Your OSHA Compliance

by builtinsurance 15 March , 2019

Is Your Construction Business In Line?

As an employer, you want to protect your employees. Safeguarding them is a priority for you, and that is why you have dedicated yourself to maintaining a safe worksite and enacting comprehensive safety procedures. That is good news, as it means that you are likely in compliance with the regulations laid out by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Just in case, though, here are a few of the most frequent OSHA citations, and how to avoid them (and the hefty fines that come with them).

  1. Scaffolding: Make sure scaffolding is built on a solid foundation and its planks are not supported by unstable objects. Double check that your guardrails, midrails, and toeboards are solid. Inspect it regularly.
  2. Fall Protection: When your employees are working near the edges of roofs and floors, use a guardrail system or control line system. Cover all holes in floors and roofs, and use body harnesses and safety nets as necessary.
  3. Ladders: Have a competent employee regularly check ladders for any damages or possible dangers (e.g. grease that could cause a slip). Always use the right ladder for the task at hand, making sure it is plenty long enough to reach the work area. If a ladder is damaged, mark it immediately with a “Do Not Use” notation.
  4. Head Protection: This one is pretty simple. Make sure that your employees always wear their hard hats on the job site. There are no exceptions to this rule.

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