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Construction Industry: OSHA Confined Space Rule

OSHA Issues New Confined Space Rule

by builtinsurance 3 May , 2019

Construction Industry Update: New Regulation From OSHA

On May 1st, OSHA issued its final rule on confined spaces in an effort to protect almost 800 constructions workers from serious injuries and life-threatening hazards each year. This rule is designed to improve protections for workers who are operating in confined spaces.

The final rule reflects protections that have already been in place in the manufacturing and general industry workers for over twenty years. Building off those protections, this rule is tailored to the construction industry to make sure employers are sharing crucial safety information and are regularly and continuously monitoring hazards. As technology has made this monitoring easier, it is high time these regulations were implemented in the construction industry.

Workspaces for construction workers dramatically differ from most because they continually change. As the work gets closer to completion, what was previously an open area can transform into an enclosed space. So that workers can minimize their exposure to risk in these changing confined spaces, OSHA’s new regulation underscores the importance of ongoing appraisal of the worksite and training for construction workers who will find themselves in confined spaces.

Confined spaces like crawl spaces, manholes, and tanks are often necessary to enter during the construction process. They are also unfortunately dangerous, as they are often difficult to exit and their small size can cause asphyxiation and increase exposure to toxic substances. This new confined space rule aims to better prepare and protect workers who have to enter confined spaces. By implementing this new regulation, OSHA hopes to prevent around 780 injuries from occurring annually.

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