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Construction Industry: Safety Tips for Heavy Materials

How To: Properly Move Heavy Materials

by builtinsurance 12 April , 2019

Minimize Hazards While Moving Materials With This Guide

In the construction industry, the need to move equipment and materials between job sites is common. To make sure that happens, workers are regularly called upon to lift and carry these items. Unfortunately, improper procedures during this process can lead to injuries in the muscles, discs, ligaments, and nerves of the lower back. To protect yourself against a strained back, sprained ligament, bulging or herniated disc, or damaged nerve, use these safety tips while lifting heavy material.

  • Get Creative: Instead of relying on your own lifting skills to moving heavy equipment, look for other means of movement. Dollies and carts can help you transport items without unnecessarily straining your body.
  • Use Proper Form: If your hands will be below the height your knuckles naturally fall when standing up straight, know that your activity will put some physical stress on your lower back. Minimize the amount of bending motion you use when lifting, and rely on your legs rather than your back for strength.
  • Avoid Twisting: When you twist, the force on your body becomes unevenly distributed, putting more pressure on certain parts of your body. The more you twist, the more difficult the task will be for your body to perform without becoming strained.
  • Get Close: The more you need to reach to lift an item, the more difficult the motion will be for your body. Get as close as possible to any heavy materials you need to lift and carry.
  • Grip It: Make sure you always use both hands when carrying loads—even if they seem light—and ensure that you have a stable grip to avoid unnecessary physical stress.

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