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Roofing Contractor’s Safety Program

Creating A Roofing Contractor’s Safety Program

by builtinsurance 19 June , 2019

Your Safety Program Guide

While OSHA regulations and requirements set forth by insurers might force a roofing contractor to set some safety procedures in place, only a true motivation from the contractor to commit to safety can result in an optimally effective safety program. If you are a roofing contractor who is dedicated to protecting yourself and any staff you have, it is important that you develop and implement a company safety policy. Here is a quick look at the ideal roofing contractor’s safety program.

  • The Basics: Your safety policy should be written out and compile all rules and best practices used to increase safety at your work. It should then be implemented by training your workers on this policy, holding regular reviews of and meetings on the policy, and implementing incentives and disciplinary procedures to encourage alignment with the policy.
  • The Dissemination: Your safety program will do you little good if your team is not aware of it. Make sure that copies of your safety policy are made available to every individual you hire—including subcontractors—and that new hires are briefed on what they have missed in recent safety trainings and meetings. It may help your staff adhere to safety regulations if you post your safety program at each job site.
  • The Implementation: In order to make your safety program effective, you must be prepared to set aside some of your budget for its implementation. This will help you pay for new safety equipment as needed, fund safety training events, and cover expenses associated with accident investigations. To ensure your program is continually followed, consider hiring a safety direction and scheduling regularly recurring safety trainings and meetings. Also, welcome and invite feedback from your staff in regards to your safety policy.

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