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Contractors: Managing Your Marketing

by builtinsurance 4 April , 2019

Get the Word Out About Your Services

You know you do good work. Does your community know that, though? If you are not executing some kind of marketing strategy, you are missing out on potential business. Marketing your contracting services does not have to be a costly venture. Here is some advice for spreading the word about your work:

  • Go Social: Social media is the new word of mouth. It is free to set up a profile on Facebook, and doing so can help you connect with your local community. Start gathering followers, post regularly about relevant local happenings, and you will be able to build an online network of people who will think of you the next time they need contracting services.
  • Stick The Landing: Offer a resource to people with your name attached. Print off stickers that contain emergency contact numbers for your local community with your name and contact information at the bottom, and give out sets of them to your residential clients. Advise that they put them up in their garage, and those stickers could stay up for years!
  • Reward Referrals: People are much more likely to recommend you to their friends and family if you incentivize them to do so. Offer a discount on your services for every referral your clients send your way, and you will see your business rolodex growing in no time!
  • Try Tangible: Invest a little money in having wooden business cards with cut outs created. These will set you apart from the competition, and can help you be more memorable to other contractors with whom you could partner.

Your clients will feel more comfortable working with you—and will consequently be more likely to refer you to their network—if you have insurance coverage to protect against any unforeseen circumstances that arise. Safeguard your work and help your California contracting business grow by contacting Built Insurance Brokerage.

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