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Prevent Construction Falls During Accident Season

How To: Prevent Construction Falls This Accident Season

by builtinsurance 9 July , 2019

Preventing Falls On The Jobsite During Accident Season

As the weather heats up in the summer, things heat up in the construction industry, too. The spring and summer mark the busiest time of year for construction workers; they also mark the times of year during which the most jobsite accidents occur. To help prevent construction falls during accident season, we want to offer this quick guide to staying safe on the jobsite.

  • Stop Avoiding An Audit: No, we are not talking about the dreaded IRS visit. Instead, conduct a workplace safety audit designed to help you spot—and remedy—any weaknesses in your safety procedures. Review your existing safety program to ensure it is still effective, and implement any changes right away to increase safety this summer.
  • Go Digital: In the modern age, if you are not using technology on the jobsite, you are missing out. From apps that can update you on the latest OSHA regulations to interactive apps that will offer safety training, there are a variety of options to download to your mobile device that can help you make smarter decisions.
  • Think Ahead: Too many workplace falls happen because an employee is trying to get the job done without the right materials (e.g. too short of a ladder, insufficient scaffolding). Make sure you fully understand the parameters of a project before you begin so you can ensure the right materials will be available to safeguard your staff and yourself.
  • Cheat: Make it easier for yourself by putting things in place to protect you even if you do make a mistake. These cheats can (and should) include guard rails, personal fall arrest systems, and safety nets to ensure that anyone exposed to a vertical drop of six feet or more is protected. Bonus: they also keep you in OSHA compliance.

Should the worst happen and you or one of your employees get injured while working, would your workers’ compensation be sufficient to protect that individual and your business? To talk to an expert to ensure you have the right level of coverage, contact Built Insurance Brokerage. We are knowledgeable about the kinds of insurance the California constructions industry requires—from workers’ comp to liability insurance—and can tailor a policy to cover your business’s unique work. Call us today!

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