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How California Roofers Can Protect Their Business and Their Bottom Line

by builtinsurance 28 February , 2019

Getting Your Workers’ Comp at the Right Price

In California, roofers legally have to carry workers’ compensation- even if they do not employ any workers. That presents a problem for roofers for two reasons. First off, a lot of roofing companies have a difficult time getting coverage outside of the State Fund Pool because many standard markets shy away from offering coverage for roofers due to the riskier nature of their work. Secondly, and similarly, getting coverage through the State Fund Pool costs an average of around $2,500 annually for a roofer with no employees.

In other words, roofers often find themselves legally required to purchase a product that is 1. Hard to get and 2. Expensive. What is the budget-conscious roofer to do? Is he or she forced into paying out for costly coverage without any other options or hope of reducing the expense?

Fortunately, not necessarily. First, you should know that some private insurance companies (like our dedicated team at Built Insurance Brokerage) do offer workers’ compensation for roofers. Shopping rates from insurance companies outside of the State Fund Pool, though they might be hard to find, can help you get a much more competitive pricing on your coverage.

Also, once you find the right insurance company, you have the opportunity to talk with your agent to see what steps you can take to reduce your premiums. Work together to develop safety programs that minimize your risk, thereby reducing your premiums. Also, take a look at your claims process to ensure everything is handled efficiently and accurately to help keep your costs down.

Contact Built Insurance Brokerage for all of your California workers’ compensation needs. We are experts on all of the required roofers’ insurance and can help you be both legally compliant and fully safeguarded. If you want to get the maximum coverage at the minimum cost, call us today!

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