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Safety Tips for Construction Workers

Awareness Is Key In Construction Safety

by builtinsurance 22 April , 2019

The Most Important Safety Tip On The Job

Between procedures specific to your business and OSHA regulation, you have done everything you can to minimize unsafe conditions that could lead to incidents on the jobsite. Even so, accidents happen every day. Why?

Many of the unfortunate incidents that occur on the jobsite can be attributed to a lack of awareness. In fact, we would say that practicing continual awareness is the most important of all safety tips for construction workers. Without close attention and ongoing focus, it is easy to not “see it coming” when it comes to an accident. If you reflect on the situation, though, you will often find that by being more alert, you could have become aware of the hazard before the accident occurred.

By practicing constant awareness on the job, you give yourself extra seconds to respond in the face of danger. Say, for example, that you are on near the top of a tall ladder. If you are not paying attention, you may not notice that the heavy wind is causing your ladder to wobble. With awareness, you will become aware of the danger at the first minor movement, giving yourself the opportunity to climb down and make the necessary adjustments to stay safe.

Despite all of your efforts to create a safe jobsite and cultivate awareness, accidents will happen. When they do, will your employees be able to take the time off they need to fully recover? Your team works hard for you, and deserves to have insurance coverage that will work hard for them. Contact Built Insurance Brokerage to get the California workers’ compensation your employees need to be truly protected. As experts in the insurance construction businesses need, we can help you put the right policy in place to safeguard your team and your bottom line.

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