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Wearable Technology For Construction Workers

by builtinsurance 6 June , 2019

Construction Tech Gadgets

In our digital age, technology is transforming every aspect of our lives. It makes sense, then, that there are tech gadgets that can make life better and work easier for workers in the construction industry. In fact, a recent study from Rackspace showed that wearable technology can increase workplace productivity by 8.5 percent and workplace satisfaction by 3.5 percent! If you are looking to implement these tech gadgets for construction into your worksite, here are a few worth checking out.

  • DAQRI Smart Helmet: DAQRI has already made a name for themselves by creating augmented reality tools. Their latest smart helmet visually outlines working instructions via its visor, helping workers see what they need to do in the context of their actual workspace. This can help employees see how their current task ties into the project as a whole. It also has HD video recording and 3D mapping capabilities, which can help you keep thorough records and ensure your team is complying with company standards and OSHA regulations.
  • XOEye Technologies: With glasses wires to wifi that have a camera and a projected screen, managers can see “through” their employees eyes when they are on the jobsite. This can help you keep an eye on every project even if you cannot be at the jobsite, ensuring that work is being completed on schedule and that regulations are being followed. This technology can also be used in training; experienced workers can “see” through the new hire’s eyes as they guide him or her through the training process.
  • The Halo Light: If your workers will be working near a road at night, you want to do everything you can to make sure they are visible to drivers. The Halo Light can do just that. It wraps around a hard hat and emits light that is visible for a quarter mile.

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